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We are concerned residents of the 11th Congressional District of New York. We are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Liberals and Conservatives. Above all, we are true grassroots patriots who put country over party and people over politics.

We were appalled to see our radical Congressmember betray her oath within days of taking office and hours of the Capitol riots, when she voted to overthrow the election by invalidating the votes of millions of Americans in the free and fair 2020 elections. 

We were horrified by her decision to whip votes against a January 6th Commission to investigate the assault on our Capitol, and her complete lack of remorse for spreading the Big Lie that led to the violence and lawlessness of that dark day.


And we are disgusted that, since taking office, she has voted against our district and our interests dozens of times, voting to block:

  • Funding to safely re-open schools

  • Union and labor rights

  • $30M in federal funding for public transit

  • Relief funds for restaurants and small businesses

  • Stimulus checks

  • Programs and funding to lift and keep our children out of poverty

  • And much more

...all while claiming credit for the very things she voted against.

Our goals are to hold her accountable, and defeat her in 2022. Join us.

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