• Nicole Is Complicit PAC

Rep. Lauren Boebert calls fellow reps ‘jihad squad’ at Staten Island Conservative Party event

By Paul Liotta

...Activists with the anti-Malliotakis “Nicole is Complicit” political action committee (PAC) have widely spread the clip on social media in their latest effort to unseat the first-term congresswoman.

A spokesperson for the PAC said Thursday night that Malliotakis’ silence on Boebert’s comments speaks to why they hope to unseat her.

“Nicole can’t stand there criticizing the Biden administration on Afghanistan and then stand there idly by while Lauren Boebert screams Islamophobic, anti-Muslim hate language,” she said. “The Conservative Party is allowing this anti-Muslim rhetoric to be spewed at their fundraiser, and I’ve got to ask ‘are they trying to be the party of religious hate?’”

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