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Since Nicole Malliotakis can't keep her facts straight,

we're doing it for her.

Click the issue to see the FACTS on how

Nicole has failed our district and our country.


Just days after being sworn into office, Nicole Malliotakis betrayed her oath and her country. Just hours after the ransacking of the Capitol by a violent, lawless mob, she voted against certifying election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania. In other words, she voted with the rioters and against free and fair elections.

Later, she whipped votes to block a January 6th Committee that would have investigated the facts behind an insurrection that resulted in the death of four Capitol police and dozens more injured. 

Since then, there hasn't been a GQP talking point Nicole hasn't memorized and regurgitated for far-right cable interviews.

Our question for Nicole is: what are you hiding?

READ the Staten Island Advance's editorial: Malliotakis might have satisfied supporters, but she let America down.

READ this article describing what the Capitol Police experienced at the hands of the violent extremists who attacked our Capitol.



anti union.jpg

Our district has one of the highest rates of unionization in the country, but our Congresswoman can't seem to support workers.


She was condemned by the AFL-CIO for voting against the PRO Act (Protect the Right to Organize Act) which was heavily supported by major unions across the country. She opposed both the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Act.

Going back to her days in the NYS Assembly, she's voted against prohibiting discrimination in wages based on gender, race or national origin. She's voted against freelance wage protection. Against increasing the minimum wage. Against giving farm laborers working benefits. Against requiring employers to provide paid family leave. 


Nicole does not stand with workers.

READ the AFL-CIO's condemnation of Nicole's vote against the PRO Act.

READ a constituent's letter to the editor on Malliotaikis' betrayal of unions.

Unions & Workrs Righs

THE ECONOMY & Small businesses

closed stores.jpg

Nicole Malliotakis is doing everything she can to block the measures and funding we need for a true economic recovery.

She has voted against restaurant relief, small business support, simple safety measures like masks and vaccinations that would allow our businesses to re-open fully, worker protections, a higher minimum wage, funding to safely re-open schools and help folks stay in their homes and more.

While economists agree that stimulus checks played a large role in keeping people (and children) out of poverty, Nicole has repeatedly opposed them.

Nicole's commitment to the economy goes as far as the points she can score with the radical right by repeating inflammatory rhetoric that prevents our neighbors from seeing past a partisan divide to find real solutions to our problems. 

READ this letter from constituents pleading with Nicole to support the economic recovery we need.

Economy & Small Business


#DefeatMalliotakis (12) (1).png

"Back the Blue"? Not Nicole Malliotakis. After using cops as props during her campaign, she immediately abandoned law & order with her vote to support the Capitol Rioters and overturn the 2020 election - despite the death and injury suffered by the heroes of the Capitol Police.

Later, Nicole lined up with her right-wing extremist buddies and voted to defund the Capitol Police (who saved their lives and those of their staffs).

She's also encouraged lawless demonstrations against COVID safety measures right here in NY-11, where a NYC sheriff was dragged down the street by a violent pro-COVID activist. Nicole has stoked the fires of violence with rhetoric designed to inflame her far-right base.

Photo-ops aside, she is no friend to law enforcement.

READ an article from the Hill, describing the graphic & horrifying violence faced by patriotic Capitol Police officers on January 6th.

WATCH video from the Staten Island Advance, showing a local pro-COVID activist hitting a NYC sheriff at a protest.

Law & Order


gendered language is ridiculous.jpg

After years of voting against equality measures in Albany, Nicole has taken her bigotry to the national level. 


She voted against passing the Equality Act, which would legislate against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

She later sat idly by while right-wing radical crony Lauren Boebert whipped up anti-Muslim rhetoric during a fundraiser on Staten Island, also making transphobic and misogynistic comments.

During the 2021 Staten Island GOP's borough president primary, in a stunning concession to her extremist base, Nicole refused to abandon the side of long-time supporter and candidate Leticia Remauro after Remauro was caught on tape shouting "Heil Hitler" at a protest against common-sense COVID safety measures.

You can tell a lot about a person by the friends they keep, and Nicole's social circle speaks volumes.

READ the NY Post's condemnation of Nicole's friend Leticia shouting "Heil Hitler" at a pro-COVID rally on Staten Island.

READ Gay City News' 2020 write up of Nicole Malliotakis' Dismal Record on LGBTQ Issues.

READ the Staten Island Advance's write-up of Nicole's silence during a Conservative Party fundraiser where Rep. Lauren Boebert went on an Islamaphobic, transphobic, misogynistic rant.

Gun Control



The residents of NY-11, and the American people, overwhelmingly support common-sense gun safety measures like universal background checks, keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and prohibiting guns on school campuses.

Nicole Malliotakis has voted against all those things and more - against increasing penalties for improper gun storage, against establishing a firearm buyback program in NYS, and against extreme risk protection orders.

In an age where mass shooters often have a history of violence, where 1 out of 5 murder victims are killed by an intimate partner, and where our children are forced to practice for active shooter drills as soon as they start Kindergarten, Nicole has exploited this public health epidemic for political gain without casting the votes needed to help bring it under control.

WATCH and READ about Nicole's dismal first 6 months in office, including her votes against common-sense gun safety measures that an overwhelming number of Americans support.


ida malliotakis.jpg

Staten Island and Southern Brooklyn have some of the worst infrastructure in New York City, but our Congresswoman would rather play political games than actually help us invest in the roads, bridges, tunnels and sewers we need.


She's also voted against investing in the people who make our infrastructure work, whether that's home health care assistance for seniors and disabled people, or green jobs and training we need to lead the way on clean energy.

Finally, as one of her first committee votes, Nicole voted against $30B in federal funding for public transit

Our community faces horrific commutes every day and severe weather events every year. While we were being battered by Ida, Nicole was partying it up with far-right extremist Lauren Boebert.

And the one time Nicole DID vote to fund the roads and bridges we need, she immediately backpedaled to appease her radical base.

Why won't Nicole stand up for NY-11 in the face of these right-wing extremists?

READ this letter from a constituent desperate for transit relief - which Nicole voted against despite our district's profound need for transit investment.

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